Amélie Roch is a fully-fledged fatty ready to spill the (low-fat) beans on chub-rub, weight-watchers and being ever-growing in a world that doesn’t give you the room. Come gorge on live music, magic and mouthfuls of milkshake that will certainly bring all the boys (trolls) to the yard.  Here's a show that’ll leave you wanting to storm the streets in your birthday suit. 

Past work includes:

Writer/Producer/Director - SHELTERED - Bellyfeel theatre company - Edinburgh Fringe 2016

4 STARS ( "Important, and unashamedly political" 

Performer - A CHAOTIC ASSEMBLAGE OF UNDERSTANDING(S): FOXES - Liz Rosenfeld - Lux institute 2017

Performer - CREATION (PICTURES FOR DORIAN) - Gobsquad Collective - Purcell Room Southbank Centre 2018

Writer/Performer - What's Your Problem? - Edric Theatre 2019

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Amélie Roch is here, queer and ready for a revolution. 

As a full-time fatty and part time artist, Amélie Roch wants to challenge the archetype we often see on stage. 

Through rituals, confessionals, magic and spectacles Amélie’s work tackles systems of oppression, the importance of identity and anything else that she can't afford to go over with her therapist.

This work is for those who seek community and are ready to light the fire in their belly.

In a political climate as terrifying as a short drive with your family to test your eye-sight, Amélie is airing her dirty laundry for the world to see in hope that it might make it a better place - what would we do without that youthful optimism?



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